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Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Black


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The original boot you think of when you think of Dr. Martens, the 1460. Named for the first day it rolled off the line, 1st of April 1960, the 1460 is still as iconic as ever. Made from smooth leather and in a variety of colours. The boots and shoes have become icons, recognised worldwide for their uncompromising looks, durability and comfort. These styles embody all that is true and unique to Dr. Martens.

Dr Martens classic smooth leather is durable and famously stiff to start with; it moulds to your feet and gets more comfortable with wear. Smooth leather can be polished to a dapper shine, or artfully scuffed up, depending on your preference.

Use Wonder Balsam to keep your 1460's clean and to protect the leather to keep it soft and supple. Wonder Balsam also protects against water, liquid and salt marks. Offered in a unisex size range to include both men's and women's sizes.

Made with Goodyear welt, the upper and sole are heat-sealed and sewn together, not merely glued, like many footwear constructions. This, together with the Z welt-stitch and heat-sealing process, makes it unique. Dr. Martens have an air-cushioned sole, are oil and fat resistant offering good abrasion and slip resistance.