We stock a wide variety of Cotton and Bamboo socks that are super comfortable for everyday wear. Sizes are listed in either European (Birkenstock) e.g. 39-42 or UK sizes (Lafitte) e.g. 2-8.

Lafitte Bamboo Loose Top


Lafitte Invisible Cotton


Lafitte Bamboo Spotted


Lafitte Bamboo Cushion Foot Long


Lafitte Cotton Above Ankle Cushion Foot Arch Support


Lafitte Bamboo Striped


Birkenstock Amsterdam Sock


Birkenstock Rio Socks


Lafitte Cotton Loose Top

From $9.95 - $11.95

Lafitte Cotton Ankle Cushion Foot Arch Support


Lafitte Ultimate Performance Bamboo Ankle


Lafitte Cotton Toughtoe PED


Birkenstock Sydney Sock


Lafitte 95% Cotton Soft


Lafitte Cotton Molecule Multi Colour


Birkenstock Roma Sock


Lafitte Cotton Stripe Multi Colour


Reflexa Therapeutic Diabetic Socks


Reflexa Wellness Socks Black


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